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CLUB VALIANTS INC. Documentary Trailer

Club Valiants Inc. is an association for Black Fire Fighters in Philadelphia. 2012 marks the club’s 50th year anniversary. Chanda Jones of 21 Street Studio produced a documentary in partnership with Florescio Films, that tells their story of struggle, courage, determination and valor. This is the trailer.   Chanda Jones

Valiant Facts

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Valiants, Inc. was an idea that began in the minds of Black Firefighters that were

segregated in one of two all black fire stations, E-11, 10th & South, and Fire Boat #1.

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The Valiants were organized in March 1962, by Lieutenant Samuel Singleton. The original purpose was to form a fraternal organization of minority firefighters.
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In 1949 Blacks left the two segregated stations to join the other companies although the

two stations were still all Black (Except for White Officers)! In 1952 the two

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The Valiants were successful in this effort some promotions were made and sizeable number of minority

citizens were recruited and hired.

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